Choosing Techno-Contact services for your projects means benefiting from complete involvement from the start of your project. Our in-depth understanding of the products, our extensive experience, our boundless creativity, our technical skills and our ability to assess the implications and consequences of different options ensure that we are able to offer you the most suitable solutions.


Our solutionists are an extension of your technical team for all stages of your projects. Our engineering department can help you produce electrical plans, modify existing plans or even design a particular application.
  • Identification of needs
  • Budget planning
  • Engineering
  • Standard and custom design
  • Product selection
  • Manufacturing of standard and custom products
  • Process automation
  • Integration of products from different manufacturers
  • Implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • Power Quality management
  • Equipment life cycle
  • Commissioning
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Training


Techno-Contact offers products and solutions to optimize the efficiency of industrial infrastructures, buildings, Data Centers and the transport sector. More than a political debate, energy management is today a major subject in these sectors, which are considered to be very energy-intensive. By implementing efficient measurement and control systems, you can consume less and better by improving your performance.

• Improvement of the performance of your infrastructures
• Concrete savings on your energy costs
• Prevention solutions against the foreseeable increase in global energy dependence
• Improved return on investment thanks to Hydro-Québec subsidies
• Enhancement of your environmental reputation

Project aggregator for Hydro Quebec’s Efficient Solutions program.


  • Power Quality Audit (pinpoint power and harmonics problems)
  • Energy Audit (identify savings opportunities, provide reports and action plans, take advantage of available subsidies etc.)
  • Lighting Audit

  • Energy meters (Powerlogic and Power Measurement)
  • Power quality meters
  • Installed product inventory of long-life energy efficient lighting products
  • Capacitor banks (Power factor correction)
  • Harmonic filter passive and active

  • Analyse real-time and historical energy consumption
  • Allocate energy costs to production units
  • Trap and document electrical network quality problems

  • Variable speed drives
  • Electrical network control and load shedding
  • Lighting Control


The quality of the sine wave is important because it can have an impact on the performance of electrical and electronic equipment, not to mention the overall energy performance of the electrical system. A poor quality electrical wave can cause energy loss, disruptions, malfunctions or even damage to sensitive equipment such as computers, electronic devices and control systems. Effective management of electrical power quality is therefore essential to ensure the reliability and durability of electrical and electronic systems.

Power quality can be assessed using different parameters, such as total harmonic distortion (THD), presence of harmonics, voltage stability, power factor, and other measurements regularity and symmetry of the wave. These parameters are often monitored and controlled in industrial and commercial power systems to ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of malfunction. Devices such as power filters, voltage regulators and inverters can be used to improve power quality and alleviate disturbance problems.

Our service team is able to perform:
  • Energy studies
  • ARCFLASH studies
  • Reliability studies of electrical networks and critical automated processes.


Techno Contact Elite distributes, designs, adapts, and integrates products and services developed to ensure the reliability and availability of your mission-critical operations while maximizing the efficiency of the installations.

Our offering encompasses all electrical and mechanical equipment needed to establish a critical environment, in any type of existing space.

• IT & Telecom cabinets
• RPDUs (Rack Power Distribution Units)
• InRow power distribution cabinets
• InRow modular UPS system
• Hot aisle containment system
• InRow cooling system
• DCIM remote monitoring platform

Our offer of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)

• Modular, scalable and redundant
• Customized auxiliary power cabinets
• Input/output transformers
• Commercial and industrial grade systems
• Upgrades and modernization
• Service contracts & 24/7 services
• Proactive Maintenance and Life Cycle Management


Our team of qualified and certified experts uses their experience in the field to establish inter-equipment communication which allows various devices or systems from different manufacturers to communicate with each other for the purposes of:
  1. Coordination and synchronization: Allow multiple pieces of equipment to work together in a synchronized manner to complete complex tasks or coordinate processes.
  2. Data sharing: Transfer data, information or commands between equipment to enable more informed decision-making or better process automation.
  3. Monitoring and control: Enable remote monitoring and control of equipment to optimize performance, detect problems and respond to anomalies.
  4. Systems integration: Integrate different systems or technologies to create more complete and interconnected solutions, for example, integrating energy, security and building management systems.
  5. Improved energy efficiency and productivity: By enabling seamless communication between equipment, operational efficiency and overall productivity can often be improved.