Low voltage electrical distribution

Switchboard distribution devices up to 6000A
Switchgear distribution devices up to 5000A
Automated transfer switch (STX) and Main-Tie-Main (MTM) Controller
Automatic and Manual transfer switches up to 5000A
Distribution and control transformers
Electronic circuit breakers with communication
IEC and NEMA starters
Disconnect switches with and without fuse up to 1200A
Distribution panels up to 1200A
Motor control center
Relay Protection Systems
Zero Energy Panels
Pluggable sockets for bus bars up to 5000A (bus plug)
Temporary power distribution center
Portable units for event power
Cam-lock connection boxes (Generator and Load Bank) up to 2500A
Enclosed speed drives up to 100HP
Soft starters up to 150HP

Medium voltage electrical distribution

Indoor and outdoor substations
Internal arc resistant switchgear 1A to 2BC for voltage classes 5 to 36kV.
Automatic transfer switch from 5 to 25kV
Dry type power transformers up to 15MVA
Oil type power transformers up to 25MVA
Relay Protection Systems
Mobile power stations with transformers